Real estate lead generation is very important for new agents. When you're new to the real estate field, you don't have a good reputation, network connections, strong community, or strategic partners who can refer buyers and sellers to you. Lead generation is the process of converting your potential buyers into leads. It's not that easy to generate leads as it has its own set of challenges.

Add your property on Marketplaces

If you're in any of the metro cities in India, then I'm damn sure that you must have crossed a lot of groups. Such groups will advertise houses for rent or lease, just become a member of those groups and post about your property.

Facebook has a marketplace that is specifically meant for you to put up listings. Just post about your property and get interesting leads right into your inbox. This is highly effective considering many people use the marketplace these days.

Expired listings

Listings may expire or sometimes can be withdrawn for various reasons, the savvy realtors should be active to snatch up the renewal. The real estate agents should remind the homeowners to renew their listings, don't hesitate to tell them.

To do this perfectly, you should have a better strategy and convince the homeowner that you’re better equipped to handle their listing than their last agent. Agents who use this real estate lead generation technique admit that there might be failures too, so keep in mind that not every attempt will be a yes.

Go to real estate events

There are a number of real estate events that take place in the country almost every month. Try to attend these events on a regular basis as it's the best place to get quality leads. You can even choose to exhibit at these events to attract potential buyers.

Many homebuyers will visit the local real estate expo to explore their options. You can just approach them and try to pitch your property to them.

Online Advertising

The homebuyer will search online to do their research. Most probably, Google will be their first stop. You must have a paid listing there to ensure that they find you. But, not just Google, you can advertise on any other search engines such as Bing.

Also look at advertising on social media channels such as Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and Youtube.

Unique content

Blogging is an effective way to generate real estate leads. The content you create should deliver rich information to help your clients, and also it must have a professional tone.

Work with a local agent or expert when writing your blog posts, and be sure that your information is fresh & unique. Include topics such as down payments, home buying schemes, questions about working with a real estate agent, tips for finding the right property for you, and many more.

Website Optimization

If optimized correctly, your website can be a great source for generating leads for free. Your website allows you to open up your positives, share testimonials from your satisfied customers, and provide value to your TG.

Focus on how you’ll add value and provide the best to your customer’s needs.

Keep a blog section on your website, regularly create and post helpful how-to-videos to help the client with challenges they face in the home buying process.